Collective arts - audio / visual lager

Collective arts - audio / visual lager

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Une série collaborative avec 4 groupes de musique, une maison de disque et un artiste. Un très bon délire de nos amis Canadiens, qui sortent ici une lager parfaite. 


Discover new music with Audio/Visual. This collaborative series celebrates the intersection of art, music and beer, featuring a record label, four bands and one visual artist. Every three months, the bands, the record label and the artist will switch, making room for continued discovery of emerging music of all genres. Audio/Visual Lager is super refreshing, making it the ideal beer for concerts, green rooms, backyards or wherever you tune in. Audio/Visual is brewed with pilsner malt and brown rice and cold aged for 4 weeks for the most refreshingly clean, and crisp finish possible. We use Wai-iti hops for fresh notes of lime and mandarin citrus to round out."

Vol. 4,9% - 44cl